African Wildwater Canoeing Championships (Sagana,Kenia) 20.-23.10.2013

Wildwater Canoeing and Slalom  -  Joint venture at the African Canoe Championship in Kenia

A wildwater course near Sagana in Kenia around 120 km northern of Nairobi on river Sagana gave host to the continental canoe championships of Africa in Slalom and Wildwater Canoeing.

What is wildwater canoeing?Local volunteers, supported by ICF Delegates Pierrick Gosselin and Manuela Gawehn, organised a three day event with individual heats and finals in slalom and individual and team races in wildwater sprint. As for many of the volunteers it was the first contact to a championship, several briefings were hold to teach them the basics of time keeping and judging.


A local raft guide took responsibility for the water rescue and managed with his team to ensure safety for the complete event.


Teams of 7 African countries joint the championship with total 31 athletes. Many spectators from surrounding villages saw strong fights for every single second in slalom as well as in wildwater canoeing. As it was the first  Africa championship in wildwater canoeing and there were only one downriver boat available for all competitors, the organising team decided short handed that all competitors had to use the provided slalom boat for the sprint competition. By that decision the number of competitors increased significantly. For the most of the athletes it was the first time to take part on a wildwater sprint competition, but with their skills in slalom and a short seminar with explanations of wildwater canoeing the day before, all the competitors were happy to take part on that fair and interesting contest.


A new experience for all was the team contest. Partially three athletes performed a race together for their first time. Strategy had to be planned beforehand and could not be tested. Nonetheless this kind of contest found interest at all of the participants.  A price giving ceremony in a beautiful landscape next to the race course closed the African championship that focused many people in the sports event for some days.


Wildwater Canoeing Sprint - African Champions 2013

Kayak Men individual

1.  Akinyemi Jonathan   Nigeria                                      89,88 sec
2.  Orpwood Brandon    Republic of South Africa              90,57 sec
3.  Mazar Nadjib             Algeria                                    92,88 sec

Kayak Women individual

1.  Jephart Lilian            Nigeria                           105,47 sec
2.  Mirembe Prossy        Uganda                          106,56 sec
3.  Wamuranga Grace    Kenia                            110,06 sec

Kayak Men team

1. Bourhis Jean-Pierre, Orpwood Brandon, Mazar Nadjib       AFR     99,94 sec
2. Mwangi Francis, Mwangi Joseph, Chomba Daniel             KEN     101,28 sec
3. Muturi Samuel, Nyamu Julius, Mwanike David                  KEN     103,79 sec

Kayak Women team

2 team started but didn't finished

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